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    5-reasons why it is important to stay hydrated

    5-reasons why it is important to stay hydrated

    It is a very well-known fact that almost 60% of our body is made up of water. But it is important to also note that water has some major functions in our body and even a slight decrease in the optimal amount can lead to short-term discomfort and disease in the long term. Not drinking water on a regular basis can be detrimental to a number of bodily function and these are 5-reasons why it is important to stay hydrated to stay healthy:


    Water is important for oral health


    The mouth is the primary indicator when it comes to dehydration. Not drinking enough water results in the insides of our mouth and lips going dry. This state can lead to bad breath and prolonged conditions of dehydration can lead to cavities too. So, it is important to not only clean out our mouth with water after every meal but to have adequate amount of water between meals to ensure dental health.


    Water keeps our heart healthy


    Heart has a crucial function; it pumps out blood to the various parts of our body. But in case of even a slight dehydration, the amount of blood inside our body reduces and this leads to the heart having to put in more effort to pump blood to all the parts especially the extremities. Having less blood in our system due to water deficiency has an adverse effect on our heart muscles and can lead to cardiovascular complications in the long term.


    Muscles and joints work better


    Keeping our body well hydrated is important for muscle and joint health too. Water acts as a vehicle for the transportation of the minerals and other micro-nutrients required for the perfect working of the muscles. Additionally, it also acts as a lubricant for the proper working of the joints. So, even slight decrease in the amount of available water can adversely affect the working of the joints and the muscular system over a period of time.


    Water is the most potent detoxification agent


    Though it isn’t the most known fact, water is the most potent detoxification agent out there. Our body has an excellent means for flushing out toxins from our body – the kidneys with the help of the water in our system filter and flush out the toxins in the form of urine. Inadequate water in body can lead to a build-up of toxins, strain on the kidneys, kidney stones and urinary tract infections.


    Water is important for our everyday health


    A study conducted in the UK on students who were taking an exam proved that students who had a supply of water performed better compared to those who didn’t. According to this particular research it was concluded that water helped with their memory and motivation and helped stabilize their mood and help with their anxiety too. Thus, drinking adequate amount of water every day, without fail, will help you keep fit physically, stable mentally, and lead a more healthy life in the long run!