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    Are “BPA-free Plastics” really a healthier alternative?

    Are “BPA-free Plastics” really a healthier alternative?

    Once the world started to realize how BPA in our plastic containers could be detrimental to human health, there was an immediate outcry to limit the use of BPA and find a better alternative. But sadly rather than actually looking at good and safe alternatives, the term “BPA-free plastics” became a cheap advertising tool. Rather than actually digging deeper into what constitutes BPA-free plastics, customers were just satisfied with the “BPA-free” label. But now it is seems that the term “BPA-free plastics” is nothing more than a marketing gimmick because the alternatives used are as harmful, if not more, than the original!


    What does BPA-free Plastics mean? Is it safe?


    When the plastics industry promised BPA-free products, it didn’t mean that it was totally removing BPA from the manufacture of plastics. What it did was to substitute BPA with its close relatives, namely, BPS, BPF, BPAF, BPZ, etc. All this compounds are very similar to BPA in structure and hence can be expected to behave a lot like BPA in any setting. Studies conducted on laboratory subjects revealed that all these substitutes to BPA have very similar effects on the health of living things. What is more, it has been revealed that these substitutes seem to have a worse effect on the fertility and reproductive ability of the lab subjects. So, while not being safe at all, BPA-free Plastics are worse that those containing just BPA.


    What is the solution?


    So, it has been proven time and again that, whether BPA-free or not, plastics seem to have detrimental effects on human health. Plastics have been linked to a number of chronic illnesses like cancer, asthma and diseases that are a result of hormonal imbalances like thyroid issues, PCOS, diabetes, etc. Hence, it obvious that we need to limit the use of plastics especially when it comes to containers used to store food in and water bottles. For this we need safer alternatives that are affordable too. One such alternative is stainless steel!


    Why is Stainless Steel a better alternative?


    We Indians are quite familiar with stainless steel and we have been using it to make pots, pans and containers for a number of decades now. The best thing about stainless steel is that it is ideal for food storage. It doesn’t react with food and water in any way and hence poses no problems to the human health. Additionally, it is safe for the environment too. Stainless steel is ideal for the use of both adults and children as it is very durable and versatile. Additionally, development in technology has now made it possible to manufacture stainless steel lunch boxes and water bottles that come insulated and hence can keep the food and drink inside hot and cold for a number of hours. All these features make stainless steel the ideal alternative to plastic when it comes to food/water containers. Youp specializes in providing attractive, durable and insulated stainless steel bottles and lunch boxes at affordable prices. Check out our website here (website URL).