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“We strive to provide products that look good and work well while being easy on your pocket. We offer top-quality, reliable products for the perfect user experience, every time!”

Mayank Aggarwal
Co-founder of Youp®

What Drives Us!

A consumer product brand created by SPM Innovations, the idea behind Youp is simple – provide users with the best when it comes to stainless steel products. In a market where well-known brands already have their footing, we wanted to make a difference for the good. Our products are eco-friendly and safe for the user; we use innovation to provide convenience for our users in any situation.


Eye-catchy and pocket friendly, our products are designed with you in mind! In tune with the modern ideals, our products are completely eco-friendly; right from the material we use, to the manufacturing process and the product itself - everything is designed in a way that the impact on the environment is minimal. When you opt for Youp you get products that are safe for you and your family, easy on the environment and those that can be used daily.


Our products are as trendy and versatile as you are. Whether it is for work, school, gym or travel we have a wide range of stylish, colourful and 100% BPA-free products. Our products are tough, trendy, reliable, affordable and anything but plain and boring, while being extremely affordable.


Your Hydration Partner

Fill your bottle with water/beverage, hot/cold and the double-walled insulation technology ensures it stays hot/cold for more than 12 hours. Our products are food-safe, corrosion-resistant, tough and come with leak-resistant lids and condensation-free exteriors. Whatever your requirement, we have the perfect product!


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